VOGELHÄUSL was created in 2018 as part of a special on the topic of wood in SZ Magazin.

The material properties of the wood used are decisive for the construction of the bird house. The extremely thin, flexible aircraft plywood determines the radii through its inherent tension. The design of Vogelhäusl was created in response to the shapes created by bending.

Cities are part of the habitat of many native bird species. As the urban areas grow and get more and more densely build-up, lots of birds can’t find sufficient nesting sites.

VOGELHÄUSL is designed to give birds the opportunity to nest everywhere in the city. Even without a balcony or garden, everyone can create a habitat for birds. 

Through the straps VOGELHÄUSL can not only be easily attached to trees, but also to lampposts, the downpipe of a gutter or the balcony railing. For cleaning, the bird house can be opened and unfolded via a twist lock on the back.

The self-assembly kit of the house consists of four untreated wooden parts, two straps and two metal shutters each and is sent in a flat package. With the included screws, it can be easily assembled at home. 

In order to enjoy the bird house for longer, it should be made weatherproof by glazing or varnishing, which also allows it to be individually coloured.

In addition to the individual parts of the house, the kit includes detailed assembly instructions with a link to a video tutorial.

Download the PDF assembly instructions

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Shipping cost included inside EU. All other countries on request at sales@diezshop.com